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MTGO DraftCap!

MTGO Draft Recorder
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This community is about improving your Magic Online drafting skills and deck construction through constructive criticism and by being able to see your draft mistakes. And your hot saucy picks. And to see where and when you should have drafted that land(!).

How? By using DraftCap, a program written by rkane that records your draft while you draft, creating a list of all your picks and can even show the final decklist of your draft once you're done!

Just go to www.blargware.com to download DraftCap.

The program doesn't do anything but record drafts. That's it.

If you want to post your draft, all you have to do is View Page Source in order to copy and paste the HTML for LiveJournal.

When you join the community, make sure to add the community to your friends list too!

Just make sure to use an LJ cut.